Creative Writing

To think, think, think

Prompt #18: In the past month, what have you learned?

April was a month of thinking. In my fast-paced life in college, I had to be quick in making decisions. I had to be vigilant in every move I make. When we trained for student council elections, we had to learn answering questions for just the amount of time the question was being stated, which was thirty seconds or so. But, in this more tranquil season–thinking, deeply thinking, has become part of my everyday life.

Now, the threads of my thoughts have become so much longer than before. I can be thinking of one thing for up to fifteen minutes, even when I used to just ponder on certain things for a minute max.

To think is simply to ask the basic questions of who, what, when, where and how. But you carefully dissect it in your thoughts. You get to the root cause. You ask yourself again and again. You don’t settle for the surface. You dig deep into your thoughts and into yourself. You look back. You search history. You look for questions within the questions. You open more doors in every answer you uncover. You don’t end with this. It’s always more than this.

Finding an answer is no longer the sole intent. I immerse myself in thinking because thinking has become calming. Thinking brings you places. Thinking gives you choices. Thinking helps you realize, identify, or determine things which would otherwise be hidden. Thinking brings answers to the surface, but thinking is the dive that brings the adrenalin. The dive leads you to the pearls of hidden answers, but the dive itself is enough reason to just dive in.

I used to think that thinking only made me more melancholic, but thinking has now become surprisingly therapeutic.


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