Creative Writing

Dear You,

Prompt #17: A letter to someone who has hurt you

Dear You,

How do I even begin? Should I recount every word you said? Shall I show you the scars left from many years ago? Do you know how much you hurt me? Do you know how your words struck even the most unyielding cords in my heart that I thought would never be affected?

You made me rethink how strong I really am–or if I was even strong enough. You made me reconsider where I really stand in life. You made me question myself again and again and again.

Your words shattered something so sensitive inside me. The moment you said, tweeted, or texted those things, I felt vulnerable. I felt unsafe even though my body was far away from risk; my insides felt endangered.

Looking back, you only said those words because somewhere inside you was hurt as well. But, unlike me, you didn’t curl up into a ball of tears. You attacked. You dominated the situation. You went on full offence, while I received every hit without any miss.

Do I believe every word you said? Some, yes. Some, no. Thankfully, I could discern which ones were true and which ones were simply borne out of a poisonous, uncontrolled tongue and not from truths about you or me. Atleast there, I could manage my feelings towards you. I know how much I can blame you for. I know how much you owe me, emotionally and mentally. I also know how much I am responsible for. I know to what extent, I should be angry. And I know where the forgiveness should begin.

(A letter to the people who hurt me)


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