Creative Writing

Which is the Lie?

Prompt #15: Three things: 2 true & 1 false

Read these 3 statements and guess which one isn’t true:

  • I can speak fluently in 3 languages.
  • I once took photography classes.
  • I used to do ballet.

So, which one is the lie? Try to guess first. Don’t cheat! 🙂

Okay, game?


I can speak fluently in 3 languages. True.

I can speak Filipino, English, and Pangasinan, one of the regional languages in our area. I want to learn one more local language and a few more foreign languages. They say it takes a few thousand hours of speaking a language to get into a conversational level. So I’m hoping I can reach conversational level after 5 years of speaking my 4th language here and there.

I used to do ballet. True.

I took ballet classes when I was in pre-school. I had fun with dancing and wearing the pink outfit with matching pink tutu and pink ballet shoes. I knew how to split (it made me feel so cool back then), though I don’t think I was one of the best ones in class, really. hahaha. Eventually, our teacher left our city and no one took his place so the students had to continue classes in the neighboring city around 30 minutes away. I didn’t continue it because it was far.

I once took photography classes. False.

I wish I could! I’ve seen a lot of free photography classes, but other events and commitments kept clashing. I’ve also tried looking for paid classes, but I don’t have the extra money for that yet. What I actually took was Creative Writing classes in UP Diliman during the last summer before senior year, even though I’m from UP Manila. Supposedly, I was going to take a chemistry lab class but since I ran out of slots, I tried getting a GE (general elective) instead so that the time I invested in trying to get enrolled wouldn’t be a waste. I had a lucky strike and got in! It was a fun summer–I just had one class in the morning and I had lunch with my Diliman friends all the time.

Did you guess this little trivia right? 🙂


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